Message Posted By: Julie Baker nee Jackson

Locating Biological Father

I am trying to trace my father. I have not seen him since i was 2 years old. The last know place he lived at was Southend on Sea Essex.He was born in runcorn cheshire. I wish to know if he is still alive, he has 2 lovely grandchildren.

Posted on: 14/10/2009

Poster Information:

Name: Julie Baker nee Jackson

Born: 0

Town: Highbridge

Looking For:

Name: Ian jackson

Born: 1945

Reply posted on: 17/01/2017 14:58:01

From Eileen Jackson

Town: Leigh on Sea

Did your father live at 62 Avenue Road, Southend-on-Sea?

Have you found your father since you posted your message on 14/10/2009?

Reply posted on: 17/01/2017 15:15:55

From Eileen Jackson

Town: Leigh on Sea

Ian Harvey Jackson.
He could be my cousin.
I know he was in the British army as a young man, then left sometime after he was married.
Was his father Eric Jackson (I know he is dead).
Was his mother Joan Jackson (I know she is dead).
Both lived at 62 Avenue Road, Southend on Sea.
Ian Harvey Jackson has a brother called Glyn D Jackson (still alive but living abroad and he would like to contact Ian Harvey Jackson).
Have you found your father?

Reply posted on: 05/06/2017 14:58:48

From Mark Allen

Town: Bristol

Dear Eileen
I am Mark, Julies elder Brother.
My thanks for your reply/post to this forum.
I can confirm that all your dates, addresses, information about the Army, right through to Ian Jacksons middle name of Harvey are correct.
I also remember (my Uncle) Glyn very fondly indeed: he used to take me to Pantomimes every Christmas, and if my memory serves after all these years - he was a School Teacher I believe?
Unfortunately I am unable to confirm if my father Ian Jackson has been located or not: either by my sister Julie herself, by yourself through your own efforts, or indeed between all of you working together.
I should very much like to discuss this matter with you further please Eileen, and preferably (of course) in private outside of this Forum. Would you therefore be able to email me directly please?
Kind Regards, and I hope to hear from you soon
Mark Allen (formerly Mark Jackson).