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Looking for a old teacher assistant...

I am looking for an old teaching assistant who really helped us during difficult times when my self & my brother (now sadly deceased) were growing up in derby whilst at Hardwick Infants school. The name is Mrs Dixon but that is all i know as i was only 6 at the time, she would have been aged around 55+ at the time back in 1992 & lived in Aston On Trent in Derbyshire, i remember her family consisted of herself & her husband who owned a haulage business not far from where they lived & had a son who sadly died at a young age in a motorbike accident! I am only looking to trace this person as i want to thank her for the help she gave our family during difficult times & just to say thank you & if there is something i can give back.

She may not be alive or may be too old to reply but am sure there may be family out there or someone who can help, this would really mean something to me personally to be able to do this before its too late!

Mrs Dixon is of a enlgish descent & a really nice kind caring person, something you dont get these days which has made me realise how lucky we were at the time!

Posted on: 27/10/2009

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Name: R Javed

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Name: Mrs Dixon

Born: 1962

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