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looking for old flame

im looking a woman by the name of jenny king who came from kent in england with a friend who i met with her in perth while working for the company microsill,it was a charity fundraising company which is no longer around,it was in the year of 1997 that we met and we travelled to adelaide with the company and while in adelaide we went to a place called virginia where we worked in a potato factory called comet farm.we also tevelled around australia with the company on a few country trips together where we established a relationship,it was ended when we worked at the potato farm due to me being a prick,anyway im trying to be a to detail as i ncan because i would love to catch up with her,i lost her parents home number years ago and i was on the understanding that she became pregnant while with me as the story goes,im wanting to know for suree,i have been looking for her for years and tried every site i can come up with to find her without going to england myself to find her.if it mcomes to that i will do so without a problem,im not wanting anything other than to see if it was true of her being pregnant by me or not,if anyone knows her please message me ok,my mobile number is 61+0427988987,oh yes she had brown hair and was friends with a woman byb the name of della i think,im not totally sure on her friends name but they drank 1 of the local drinking holes in kent on a regular basis.sorry for long message people but i gotta put everything down in detail as to make sure everything is understood properly and i find the right person.thankyou in advance for your help people.jason here down under.

Posted on: 10/12/2009

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Name: jason kirkham

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Town: sydney

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Name: jenny king

Born: 1970

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