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Looking for step-sister last known to be in New Zealand in the 1980s.Known as Law as she was cared for by Bob and Mary Law of Port Dixon,Malaya in 1956.A lso maybe referred to as Palmer.Has step-sister kn own as Daisy Armstrong.Was last known to be living in Auckland,New Zealand and married to a Ted Gorman who was in the New Zealand army.

Posted on: 11/01/2004 14:29:05

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Name: Ivan Law

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Name: Irene Gorman

Town: Auckland

Reply posted on: 24/12/2009

From edward gorman

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Town: christchurch

hi ,I am the husband of Irene Law.I came across this e-mail by accident please feel free to send me a reply.My phone number is 03-9810924 or by my e-Mail address

Reply posted on: 08/02/2005

From Joanne Gregory

Born: 1974

give the new zealand site a go
you might have some luck