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Looking for information about my natural birth father John Flanagan. He was a naval man (Sea Captain, Merchant Navy ??). He knew my mother Margaret in Cardiff 1960 & I was then born in Cardiff in 1961. He has a daughter (not my Mothers) that lives (lived ??) in Jersey. She telephoned me during the early 90s but I did not follow it up. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Posted on: 12/01/2004 02:52:20

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Name: Mark Dawkes

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Name: John ?? Flanagan

Town: London ??

Reply posted on: 12/07/2008

From jan burnand

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Hi was your john flanagan born in manchester?

Reply posted on: 04/11/2005

From Kristina Le feuvre

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Town: St Peter

Im on a role now Mark! You should have had an email contact from me but the person who contacted you in the early 90s was marina ( my younger sister)