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Henryk Kolosinski

I am looking for Mr. Henryk Kolosinski, or his relatives.

Mr. Kolosinski was born in Poland. I dont now if it was in Vilno or Szczecin. His parents names were Stanislaw Kolosinski and Jadwiga Giedrojc.

Mr. Kolosinski moved to United Kingdom many years ago, my grandfather think it might be 60 years ago.

I, the one looking for Mr. Kolosinski, is a granddaughter to Mr. Kolosinskis sister Miroslawa Kolosinska. My name today is Magdalena Ekdahl.



Posted on: 18/01/2010

Poster Information:

Name: Magdalena Ekdahl

Born: 0

Town: Perth

Looking For:

Name: Henryk Kolosinski

Born: 80

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