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Looking for my dad

my name is esme kelly massey and i am 18 years old born 29th august 1991 from south east london daughter to alison massey, granddaughter to dawn and philip massey... i am looking to find my dad who i lost contact with at a young age but i wish to find him now and hopefully have some kind of contact with him... all i know is he is in london some where and he has 2 brothers lee and robert... im not looking for trouble or anything with him i just would like to meet/speak to him... if you are this gentleman i am looking for or you think you may know this man could you please let him know that i am looking for him... thanks you xx

Posted on: 29/01/2010

Poster Information:

Name: Esme Kelly Massey

Born: 0

Town: London

Looking For:

Name: Patrick Kelly

Born: 1970

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