Message Posted By: Simon Knight

I am looking for my mum, her name was Valerie Knight but she may have married by now. She was living in London E16 in 1970 and would love to contact her as i have had a little girl of my own now. If anyone has any information that may help me, please contact me

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Name: Simon Knight

Looking For:

Name: Valerie Knight

Born: 1970

Town: London

Reply posted on: 30/06/2008

From Valerie Knight

Born: 0

Town: High Wycombe

Well you found me, sadly you felt it all happened so quick and that you would contact me again sometime in the future.

Reply posted on: 04/04/2005

From some body

Born: 1978

I know someone who lives in Birmingham,Sutton Coldfield.Her name is Valerie Knight..
Her age is about fifties..
I dont know if she is your mum or someone else...
But she has a house and a brother near her house...she has cats and a dogs...

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