Message Posted By: kim Velasquez watts

I was born 14/03/1959, in St.George Hospital. Westminster. London. I was separated from my mother 40 days later. I will appreciate any help, in finding my mother.

Poster Information:

Name: kim Velasquez watts

Looking For:

Name: Joan Shirley Watts

Born: 1959

Town: London

Reply posted on: 07/10/2014 21:16:37

From lynne tombs

Town: tewkesbury

dear k ylim let me first say i have nothi so why am i writing d an you my name is lynne i ha e five children i want to help people there is no catch i dont want money not a xsingle penny the reasobn i do this s because i kn ow the pain ok kim good luck withthe search

i if youneed my help write back i am clairvoyanti