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Mary OBrien (nee Geehan)(Guihan) Im trying to locate a Mary OBrien which I dont believe she would be alive today, but Im also after her Children Margerate or Patrick OBrien. I think Marys Last country was England? But Im not 100% sure, She was born in the early 1900s in County Kerry, Killorglin, Menus Ireland, If there is anyone out there who can help me would be greatly appreciated

Posted on: 22/01/2004 12:03:00

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Name: Debbie Morris

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Name: Mary O

Town: london

Reply posted on: 24/12/2008

From Lynda Fellows

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Town: Bristol

Hello, do you know if yu have any connection to either Limerick or Galway in Ireland? Also if you have any Mahon/Mcmahon/Sheehan relatives...Many thanks

Reply posted on: 15/06/2006

From Debbie morris

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Town: christchurch

Im sorry but I am not that debbie Morris, my maiden name is Dempsey and my mothers maiden name is guihan. I come from New Zealand

Reply posted on: 10/06/2005

From Jason Tarrant

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Town: Eagler Point, Oregon

Debbie, I am seeking a Debbie Morris born 1970 in islington London, her mother was called Rose O Neill and her father was Eric David Morris. Are you the same Debbie Morris ?? if so PLEASE contact me at as soon as you can.


Reply posted on: 26/07/2005

From Ellen Miriam Berry

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Town: Huddersfield

I am Marys niece my mother was Helen Guihan I would love to hear from you a sI was looking for 2the boys who emigated to NZ.