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would like to find my niece and nephew...ANNAMARIE AND MARK KING

hi im looking for my niece and nephew aANNAMARIE AND MARK KING,they was born in nuneaton,they lived with there mum julie king and there nan bet king,they lived in tryan road stockingford,nuneaton.
They then moved to i think goole in yorkshire i think it is,they moved there about 10 -12 yrs ago and i havent seen them since.
anna marie would be about 23-25yrs old now and mark would be about 25-28 yrs old,if anyone has any info on them or you read this then plz get in touch as i miss them dearly,

Posted on: 15/10/2010 00:10:55

Poster Information:

Name: samantha cooper

Town: nuneaton

Looking For:

Name: annamarie king

Born: 1985

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