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Im looking for Patricia Rose Pritchard or relatives of her. Pritchard was her maiden name she was married in 1965 (22 May) to Colin Miles (who changed his name to Colin Cashman) and divorced in 1970. I believe she and Colin had 2 sons, one named Christopher but that they were adopted after the divorce by her new husband (not entirely sure if this is all correct) . I am the daughter of Colin (now deceased) and would very much like to find my half brother/s or contact from Patricia or a contact for her. Any information would be much appreciated.

Posted on: 26/01/2004 11:00:51

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Name: Deborah Blackwell

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Name: Patricia Rose Pritchard

Town: Married in Southwark London

Reply posted on: 06/06/2014 00:30:44

From eve darily

Town: stugart

hello , i think i know the person you are looking for. my email is
get in touch asap.