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Looking for John Fricker, Dj in Norway during the 90s

Were looking for John Fricker, last known address was in Manchester, he used to work as a DJ in Norway during the 90s, and late 80s. we know him from his time in Brønnøysund, lost contact with him when he moved back home to England, the last Christmas card we got from him we believe was in year 2000 (not sure) we think about him every christmas and wonder what hes doing now, where he is and lately if hes still alive. Hope to get a note just so we know hes ok

Kari & Geiren

Posted on: 07/01/2011 00:22:24

Poster Information:

Name: Kari Forstun

Town: Brønnøysund

Looking For:

Name: John Fricker

Born: 1960

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