Message Posted By: Frances Last

Please come home

Looking for my brother David John Jolley. Last known address was in Colindale London NW9 living with our sister June. We need to find him as our mum is 93 and losing her memory.

Posted on: 15/04/2011 14:28:55

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Name: Frances Last

Town: Northamptonshire

Looking For:

Name: David Jolley

Born: 1948

Reply posted on: 10/02/2013 22:26:39

From Alison Jolley

Town: Chesham

Hi Fran, this is Alison his daughter. I too have tried looking for him again in January of this year (2013) but have found no trace of him anywhere. How long ago did he live with June? Do u have any National Insurance numbers or have you heard anything since your post? Edna says she hasnt seen him in over 15 years so Im thinking you havent either. Hope you are well? Pls contact me if u have any information - thank you.