Message Posted By: Snezhanna Litvinova

Valerija Custance

I have been seeking since years Valerija Custance, who is very important and own person of mine.

there is no news from her since 2003.

I would be more than grateful for any information about her!!

Posted on: 23/04/2011 22:56:42

Poster Information:

Name: Snezhanna Litvinova

Town: Jelgava

Looking For:

Name: Valerija Custance/Petrenko

Born: 1991

Reply posted on: 09/10/2011

From paul santi

Town: city

Dont trust this girl she has aids.

Reply posted on: 09/10/2011

From leanna petrenko

Town: paddington

i am scared as there is a man i a R,reg mercs stalking me,
if anything happens to me his regastation number is at dads

Reply posted on: 11/07/2011

From ? ?

Town: london

i think i have seen this girl in crack house
if she is the right one she is at north london brownswood rd n16, working.
check it out,

Reply posted on: 24/04/2014 09:00:48

From Leanna Petrenko

Town: Tower Hamlets

Hi again,
Sorry Ive took so long to write back to u, my ex-boyfriend destroyed ALL of th information I had about u & changed my password to my email. Ive been homeless for some time now & am really strugglin to get a roof over my head because Ive got no identification at all. My ex destroyed that too. Plz can u call me, just so u kno its me on: 07506277928. I didnt want u to think I was only contacting u after askl this time just because I need sum help wiv my paper work, but I homeless otherwise & I hav absolutely no way of ever
ggetting over to see u & my sister in Latvia. Plz can u send me another copy of my birth certificate & any other
documents u might hav. Wen u call or email me, I will giv u th adress where to send it. I luv u so much mum. I hope th operation went ok & u r all well. Lots &
Lots of love Valerija Vija XXXXXXX (Leanna)

Reply posted on: 08/10/2011

From Valerija Vija Petrenko

Town: London

Hello Mum,
After years of wondering where you are I finally looked on this website and found you. Please contact me on my email and if you can speak english please call me or text me on 07982995807.
I would love to stay in contact with you as I am no longer with my adopted family ( my own choice through personal reasons ) I would love to get to know my real family ( you ) who I havnt been the same without through all my life. I miss you, and I love you, I dont care about the reason why you gave me up, I would just love to get to know you again. Love from your daughter Valerija Vija Petrenko X X X

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