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Looking for my Birth Mother

My name is Darren Clement Thompson and I was born at St Richards Hospital in Chichester on June the 29th 1965. My birth mother was called Susan Allen and originally came from the Nottinghamshire area of the UK. She named me Carl Allen and I was put up for adoption. I have very little information on Susan apart from the fact she was 18 years old and unmarried when I was born. I think she worked for the telephone exchange and her parents were either fishmongers or owned a fish shop, very vague Im afraid on any more concrete information. ANY information on Susan would be gratefully appreciated. I have been searching for nearly 15 years but to no avail. Please contact me at or ring 07861723440. Thank you.

Posted on: 03/06/2011 02:03:47

Poster Information:

Name: Darren Thompson

Town: Lancaster

Looking For:

Name: Susan Allen

Born: 1948

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