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looking for fathers name and family

hello my name is john im in my 80s i was born 1925 barnsley i lived in blutcher mother was annie guest she worked at the bank as a cleaner? my father i met him when i was about 6years old around 1930 he worked for the barnsley council as an electrician doing the lights on the markets.i believe my father had a daughter to another woman and she worked as a clipper-selling tickets on the bus.we then moved because the houses were being demolished and im not sure why but i never saw my father again.i heard that my father was alive about 20years ago still living in barnsley/he of passed away by love to find out who my father was and his family if this is not possible and his family doesnt want to know id just love a photo and name..if anyone has any information that would be grandaughter julie is helping me with this so please reply and contact her.thanks

Posted on: 07/06/2011 08:54:27

Poster Information:

Name: john guest

Town: newcastle

Looking For:

Name: unknown unknown

Born: 1905

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