Message Posted By: wendy norton

I am looking for my half brother born between 1950 till 1953 poss ault. sir name Harding born in the waymouth area u.k

Poster Information:

Name: wendy norton

Looking For:

Name: peter rennicks

Born: 1950

Town: Waymouth

Reply posted on: 23/12/2016 11:09:21

From Philip Nolan

Town: Melbourne

Please contact me about Peter Rennicks

Reply posted on: 14/06/2017 23:26:11

From Mike Collinson

Town: Wisbech

Hi Philip (and Wendy)

I am a close friend of Peter Rennicks - born Dec 1950 in Worthing - not Weymouth, UK.

He knows that Wendy was looking for him some years ago, but is surprised that shes still looking because she has Peters home number and mobile number.

Please give me some more information, and I will put you in touch with Peter.

Just to assure you of my bona fides, tell Wendy that Peter (who likes a drink!), made a fool of himself some years ago, and Wendy hasnt been in touch with him since.

Peter last heard about Wendy when she lived with her husband (John Norton) on the Isle of Sheppey, in the County of Kent, England.

Peter was married first to Eileen and then later to Stephanie. Eileen is in a Care Home, and Ill be seeing her on Friday, 16 June.

Look forward to hearing from you whenever youre ready.

Kind regards

Mike Collinson