Message Posted By: Tracy Krystyna Kopjas

My mums name is Margaret Parker she has 3 sons called Christopher, Kevin and Nicky, they all have the same last name as my mum. They all used to live in Alvaston in Derbyshire in the year 1997 that i remember. I havent seen any of them since the age of 8 and i am desperately trying to find them as i have Congenital Heart Disease and died twice two years ago. I will also have to have more operations that are life threatening, so time is one thing that i havent got so please if any one has any info please, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. THANKYOU!!!

Posted on: 16/02/2004 15:00:39

Poster Information:

Name: Tracy Krystyna Kopjas

Looking For:

Name: Margaret or Maggie Parker

Town: Alvaston

Reply posted on: 19/02/2009

From Kennedy Ella

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Town: West yorkshire

Hello, I may have found who you are looking for i dont now? But i need time too make sure. & if i am right i will give you the deatails & the adress
Please reply as quick as possible. Thank you.