Message Posted By: Frances Taylor

May have lived at 2 Anson Place, Plymouth in the 1960s.Also, may have been a foster parent. I am currently looking for my sister who was fostered at this address for 3 weeks in 1966, hoping that Mrs. Fiddick, if shw was indeed a foster parent, might remember her.

Posted on: 25/02/2004 17:09:31

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Name: Frances Taylor

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Name: Alice(or relations of) Fiddick

Town: Plymouth

Reply posted on: 02/03/2010

From vincent dimanno

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Town: abbotsford

I think I knew their daughter, Barbara, in about 1956 but Im sure shes married with grown children by now if you have any further information Id be pleased to hear

Reply posted on: 03/03/2010

From joyce butler

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Town: doncaster

I was Joyce fiddick ,my parents were Sydney and Alice Fiddick and to my knowledge they were never foster parents They did however look after her sister,s children Sylvia and Christine Doddridge in the 1950s If vincent sees this I would be interested to hear from him Barbara my sister has 3 children and 3 grandchildren Iam now trying to do our family history and would like to contact any of the Fiddick family Both my parents are now deceased my father was bor in 1909 and my mother in 1914 I was born 01 -01-1935 Thank you Joyce