Message Posted By: cynthia Eaton Lamblin

Need to find her.

I am looking for Nicolina Monroe MacKenzie.(maiden name)Daughter of Colin Fraser MacKenzie and Irmgard MacKenzie Eaton. She was born in the 1950s. Her mother was from Germany and came to the USA in 1963, She married my uncle.

Posted on: 09/11/2011 02:51:01

Poster Information:

Name: cynthia Eaton Lamblin

Town: eureka

Looking For:

Name: Nicolina MacKenzie

Born: 1956

Reply posted on: 11/09/2011

From cynthia lamblin

Town: eureka

I need to find Nicolina. I have news of her mother. If anyone knows her please tell her someone is looking for her.

Reply posted on: 02/01/2012

From Nicolina MacKenzie

Town: Oakham

Hello again, I would be grateful for any news. I hope you get this message this time. Many thanks Nicky

Reply posted on: 01/03/2012

From Nicolina MacKenzie

Town: Oakham

I think you are looking for me. Happy New Year Nicolina