Message Posted By: Diana Bohane nee Knapp

Missing you

Michael,as you may remember, I last saw you about 2 years ago, when I came over to the UK to see you and Sasha. I am so sorry about Sasha but I would like to come and live in England and reconnect with you. Please contact me at: 20 Makepeace Hill, Waccabuc, NY 10597. Telephone: USA telephone no.:
(917)977-3480. I would love you to get into contact with me as soon as possible. I am really serious about coming back to the UK now that I am retired and my two daughters are gone.
Please call or write to me if and when this reaches you.

Posted on: 20/11/2011 21:00:12

Poster Information:

Name: Diana Bohane nee Knapp

Town: Waccabuc, NY 10597

Looking For:

Name: Michael Knapp

Born: 1947

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