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im searching for my birth mother,mavis kearnsley nee barret.i was placed for adoption in 1964,i was born 4th september 1964 in mum lived at 64 chesterfield road blackpool,and my adoption was done by the lancashire adoption agency that has since adoptive parents were june and derek fogg, and was given the name susan patricia mother had a brother called graham whom was younger and was a buthcer.she worked in the tower ballroom and had auburn hair and was a very bubble person.i did call at the address,and the next door gentleman whom was elderly thought i was mavis,so we must look very much a father was a william mckeena whom was irish and was working in the area.he was an joiner.i do no my mum was 21years when i was given up for adoption and went on to marry,and have 3 more siblings desparate to find my mum and would be grateful for any information regarding her whereabouts.

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Name: debbie barret

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Name: Mavis Kearnsley

Born: 1964

Town: Blackpool

Reply posted on: 18/01/2008

From colin coward

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Town: Salisbury

i have informations regarding your mothers wereabout and how you can contact can reach me on {}