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Hello. Looking for a guy called ralph QUEALLY. Ala ray. He is from southern ireland but he lived in jersey, channel islands. He has a son of about 30. He has a brother called tom in america. Please could you help me. He is a builder. Thank you

Posted on: 31/12/2011 02:32:19

Poster Information:

Name: Anna Louis

Town: St. Helier

Looking For:

Name: Ralph QUEALLY

Born: 53

Reply posted on: 27/01/2013 01:38:32

From Anne Smith

Town: Ennis

I have his mobile number if u want it. Leave your email add here and I will send it to you

Reply posted on: 07/01/2013 02:24:20

From mary cash

Town: Limerick

living lahaknock kilmaley co clare