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I miss you

Mike, I have been looking for you for a long time, since last year sometime, and I want to get back in touch with you very badly. In fact, I want to return to living in England again. I have girlfriends in the south and in Liverpool and you in the Tunbridge Wells/Tonbridge area. I need you to contact me. My telephone is: (914)699-6070 in Westchester Co., New York. Please contact me. I miss you and I think we can each support the other,now both our marriages have broken down. I am very sorry about Sasha - I liked her a lot. Please if you dont get this email, call me at the telephone number I gave you before asap. PLEASE CALL ME. You can get my number from directory enquiries if you remember my address: 20 Makepeace Hill, Waccabuc, NY 10597. I think we each need the other - living alone is VERY LONELY. So get off your duff and call me. We are 8 hours behind you in time I think.
I love you. Diana

Posted on: 20/02/2012 21:03:11

Poster Information:

Name: Diana Bohane

Town: Lewisboro, Westchester Co., NY

Looking For:

Name: Michael Knapp

Born: 1947

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