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I am looking for my natural father i know his name is colin groves and i believe he lives in lincolnshire he was living in louth in approx 1970 onwards as i was born in 1980,he dated my mum in approx1979 onwards till 1980.

Posted on: 02/03/2004 20:48:04

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Name: christina brader

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Name: colin groves

Town: grimsby/lincoln

Reply posted on: 28/08/2008

From Colin Groves

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Town: Staines

I dont believe that its me, as I have never been to Louth, but if you could tell me your Mothers name, I can confirm, one way or another.

Colin Groves

Reply posted on: 23/02/2006

From Ron Cobb

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Town: Henlow, Beds

Hi I am looking for Colin Arthur Groves age approx 58 yeras old an old mate who I last saw around 1970. Lived in Hitchin, then Kempston Beds then South of London or Crawley.
Probably not the same person but if middle name is the same perhaps. Contact me if it is
Regards Ron Cobb. Email

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