Message Posted By: Raymond Peter Legg

Raymond Francis Legg

Please help if you have information.

I am looking for my father who i havent had contact with since i was very young.

My name: Raymond Peter Legg
His name: as above
His siblings names: Ernest and Denise
Area: Somewhere around Cleveland area

Posted on: 29/04/2012 14:31:18

Poster Information:

Name: Raymond Peter Legg

Town: St helier

Looking For:

Name: Raymond Francis Legg

Born: 1950

Reply posted on: 19/03/2015 00:50:57

From Raymond Legg

Town: St Helier

Hi Julie!

That would be amazing!I have tried to trace him several times and have always drawn a blank. This is the first lead I have had and would be incredibly happy if you could help in any way! I have very vague memories of my father (I havent seen him since I was maybe 6 or 7) and although very foggy they were always happy, but among those memories I have a vague recolection of meeting my fathers new partner and basically being really shy and hiding behind him (and all these years the name Julie is what has sprung to mind when I remember it)...could that have been you?)

Please email me if you can or are willing to help.

Reply posted on: 04/01/2015 23:11:59

From julie legg

Town: saltburn

I am separated from Ray he is also the father of my three children Daniel aged 19 Sophie 17 and Olivia 12. we live in the same town and the girls see him everyday. Sophie has said she wanted to find you for her dad and as you are their half sibling. Reply if you want more details and I will get a message to Ray.

Reply posted on: 19/03/2015 21:38:30

From Raymond Legg

Town: St Helier

Hi Julie.
Thank you so much for your post. The final clue I needed was the town where he lives, and with your help I have managed to contact him after close to 30 years. For that you have my hearfelt thanks. I cant express the level of gratitude I have.