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Tracing back family roots. As the story goes my great great granfather Joseph Marchbank was raised in Manchester by an Uncle atter his parents death. He moved to the USA and had a son my grandfather. John Marchbank. However my grandfather John went by the surname of Warren. The death certif. for John lists him as John Marchbank. His tomb stone lists him as John M Warren. I trying to find out which surname was my great great grandfather Joseph Marchbank actually born with. Being he was raised by an Uncle we believe he took on their surname of Marchbank. I know my grandfather John was born in 1897. I believe this was in the USA but Im not sure. He died on May 23, 1953. This is such a confusing story . I just woudl like to find out what the birth surname was Marchbank or Warren. Thanks,

Posted on: 05/03/2004 02:43:22

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Name: Deborah Fernandez

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Name: Joseph Marchbank

Town: Manchester

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