Message Posted By: Maureen Hills

I am looking for my father Brian Holmes.He is married to Olive Mahoney and lived in Ulcombe in Kent. He has a brother Tommy and is believed to be living in the Devon or Cornwall area.

Poster Information:

Name: Maureen Hills

Looking For:

Name: Brian Holmes

Born: 1968

Town: Ulcombe

Reply posted on: 03/05/2011

From Robert Stephens

Town: Guelph

Hay Im not the guy your looking for, but Im looking for maybe the same guy, all I know about my father is his name brian holmes, and occupation horse jockey, and that he has an irish background. I just stumbled across this and had to see, I hope you have good luck, better then Im having, feel free to message me my name is Robert Stephens I live in Canada,