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Mary Cooper born in 1936 Daughter of Mary and Charles Cooper

Mary was Born in Dennistoun in Glasgow, We were told Mary had died but after a visit to the Mitchel Library last year I was looking up to find out how many children my Grandparents had. This is when we saw three letters next to your name We asked a member of Staff and they informed. us if these letters apeared then it ment she was adopted and we would have to contact Edinburgh to find out anything eles. I tried to get the info and was told they cant give out any info on you I believe your Adoption was a private arrangement as Edinburgh said they have no paper trail. If your out there or any members of your family I would love to here from you. You had 14 sibblings most of whom are now dead but you still have a Sister Janet and two Brothers Lesley and Johnny who would love to find you here is my email address Phone num 01417661731 mobile 07881407975. I so hope this message finds you Love you niece Lorraine

Posted on: 05/10/2012 15:16:45

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Name: Lorraine McBride

Town: Glasgow

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Name: Mary Cooper

Born: 1936

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