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james crawford / shipton born 1922 glasgow

james mcfarlane shipton /crawford was born to margaret shipton born 1894 never married question ? can any person tell me why james changed his name to CRAWFORD . no adoption papers were /found was it james who came to australia in search for work/ was it he i saw at our house?in the 1960s
james big brother joseph patrick shipton born 1919 always said he was an only child then break down & cry my father use to say the name james when drunk /did my fathers first wife VIOLET CRAWFORD / CARLIN family take james crawford on as their own when our granny passed margaret shipton 1935?
i have FOUND my cousin=4=ever BETTY CRAWFORD james daughter / she cannot shed light on her fathers change of name
betty was a bit taken back to find she should of been a elizabeth shipton NOT crawford
could the crawford family shed light on us / we now know the family secret uncle felix is our grand father / interbreeding comes to mind
does any of the crawford family have photos of my father joseph patrick shipton born 1919.
im elizabeth shipton born 1955.
now mrs lizzy dawson.
please contact me , e-mail

Posted on: 20/11/2012 21:41:36

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Name: lizzy dawson

Town: christchurch nz

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Name: james shipton/crawford

Born: 1922

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