Message Posted By: James Bell

Im looking for my birth father, Sean coombes who was living in the headington area of oxford approximately 20/21 years ago.He dated susan cameron and his mother was/is a politician

Posted on: 07/03/2004 23:16:25

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Name: James Bell

Looking For:

Name: Sean Coombes

Town: Oxford

Reply posted on: 22/07/2014 07:59:51

From Sean Coombes

Town: oxford

Hi James,
I found this last night (21.07.2014), I think we need to talk!!
This is the first that I have known about you, quite a shock!!
How old are you??
Where do you live??
What do you do for a living??
So many questions!!!
My number is 07973 858828.
kind regards
Sean Coombes

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