Message Posted By: Lydia George

hey Paul, Been tryin to find you for some time now. I went to your old address between 2000 - 2002 and unfortunately i forgot your door number so i had a hard time finding out if you still lived there or not. Anyway, i hope you are more than happy and if you are in a relationship i am soooo happy for you, truly. If you are not maybe we are meant to be because you set a standard in me that no-one has been able to reach. I write this because its the truth and im sure you wont see it but i still love you and as ive grown up into the fabulous woman that i am i regret not knowing then what i know now. You had everything i needed back then and i couldnt see it but boy, the things id do with you and for you now, make me weak in the knees. Anyway, God bless you and protect you and keep you happy and whole. Love Lydia

Posted on: 11/03/2004 13:46:12

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Name: Lydia George

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Name: Paul Michael Mabb

Town: london

Reply posted on: 27/11/2007

From Paul Mabb

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Town: London

Hi Lydia been trying to call you, havent been able to get through. Message me or catch me on facebook.