Message Posted By: Janis Miles nee Navis

I am trying to locate my father Willaim Navis. Last heard of in 1968 living in liverpool England.

Poster Information:

Name: Janis Miles nee Navis

Looking For:

Name: William Navis

Born: 1930

Town: Liverpool

Reply posted on: 23/07/2009

From David M

Born: 0

Town: Birmingham

You may already have this. From Uk Info Disk 2008. Not known to me.

Mr,Navis,William J,21,,Dunham Road,,,L15 7JP,,Liverpool,

Good luck

Reply posted on: 01/11/2004

From selina thompson

Born: 1981

i have an address for a william j navis in liverpool if that helps?
email me

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