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Looking for Trudy Louise Hansen (birth name)

I am looking for Trudy Louise Hansen (birth name) born in Brighton, Sussex, in December 1983 and adopted in about 1988. Trudys mothers name was Kristina Hansen, I believe her father was David. Her maternal grandparents were Eunice and David Hansen. Trudy had two younger siblings, Sebastian Robert (1986) and Naomi Jayne (1987) who were also adopted. Either all three were adopted together, or Sebastian and Naomi were adopted together and Trudy separately.

I am Kristinas half sister (same mother)and 16 years older. My sister died in 2007, and I would like to find her kids. If any one can provide any information, Id be very grateful.

Posted on: 23/04/2013 21:50:43

Poster Information:

Name: sylvia lee

Town: buena vista, Saskatchewan, Canada

Looking For:

Name: Trudy louise Hansen

Born: 1983

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