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Need Mary Anns Family Background

I am looking for my biological mothers family information prior to her death due to T.B in 1941. I understand that she and her mother came from Ireland and father Francis left for U.S.A. and never contacted the family again. Mary and her mother lived around Gosport, U.K. and then she was married to my father, S. D. Amin for just a few months before she passed away due to T.B. at a very young age of 24 years. I was only 3-4 months old at that time and was taken to India. I am trying to find any information about Marys family and where they came from Ireland etc. So far, I have found Marys death and marriage records and her grave but do not know her mothers name and where they came from.

Posted on: 29/04/2013 20:14:22

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Name: Sheila Rose Sheth (maiden surname Amin)

Town: Fairfield, California

Looking For:

Name: Mary Ann (aka Maureen) Amin (maiden surname OLoughlin)

Born: 1916

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