Message Posted By: Melanie Ashcroft

Searching for my Niece

Im looking for Laura as she is the mother of my niece Chloe, her father, my brother is called Karl Ashcroft, Chloe will be 14 in September and already I missed so much of her life and I want her to be part of my life and my 4 daughters life if her mum Laura kindly agrees, if you see this Laura then Im asking if I and my family can please have contact with you and Chloe, I understand if you dont agree but I hope you will and if Chloe agrees also, Thank You.

Posted on: 17/05/2013 07:06:41

Poster Information:

Name: Melanie Ashcroft

Town: Wigan

Looking For:

Name: Laura Wotmore

Born: 1982

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