Message Posted By: Kelly Watson(nee Anthony)

Looking for my biological father will be about 60ish now.used to date Evelyn Anthony in late 70s.Anyone with any information please get in touch i have been looking for him for 20 years im 25 now with two children

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Name: Kelly Watson(nee Anthony)

Looking For:

Name: Benjamin Armstrong

Born: 1977

Town: Not Known

Reply posted on: 18/06/2008

From andy tippins

Born: 0

Town: london


I saw your message on uk people finder. Im contacting from a television production company who are making a documentary for Channel 5, part of which will look at trying to find missing people. If you could possibly drop me a line/email, Id like to talk with you further. My details are below. Unfortunately we can cannot receieve any correspondance after 26th June as we will have ended production on the series.

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