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I am Looking for Cheryl McGowan, she Is Eighteen and was last seen in Middelton, My name is Simon Barnes, who Is known as her Ex-Boyfriend, I really want to find her, Cheryl if your out there or reading this, I want you back in my life, you alwaystold me to tell you how I feel, so here it is, I was stupid for letting you go and I if you just let me see you again just for a day, I will show you the kind of life I can offer you, I wasnt in the position to offer you much 12 months ago, but I promise you, I can offer you everything you ever wanted now and more, I have never gone a day without thinking of you and deep down in my heart I love you so much that it hurts and that is why I have tried to contact you all thgis time, just give me one more chance and within 6 months I will promise you, you will never look back again, I will give everything up this time and I mean everything, just to be with you again means more to me than you can ever imagine, I lost you once and I will be determined not to let you go again, Please contact me, you know how, so please, please, conrtact me, I will never let you down, I know I love you to much, just let me show you what I can offer, please, love and hugs Simon Barnes

Posted on: 29/03/2004 07:51:36

Poster Information:

Name: Simon Barnes

Looking For:

Name: Cheryl Mcgowan

Town: Bacup

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