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Nita Ward - put son up for adoption in 1944 in Ealing, London to an Mr/Mrs Clarke. Adopted sons name was Richard Clarke. Sone dies in 1991, but grandson Chris Clarke is very interested in following up dads wishes to trace family. Must be stressed that I do not want anything from the family, but would love to hear from grandmother or living relatives - alternatively from anyone who may know anything to help me find my routes. Many thanks

Posted on: 30/03/2004 22:34:56

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Name: clarke chris

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Name: nita ward

Town: london

Reply posted on: 13/10/2005

From Ros Seton

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Town: Bingley

I am looking for the last resting place of my aunt, Evelyn Oatley, who lived in London and worked as a Windmill dancer. She was also known as Nita Ward. I know she had a child (whether a boy or a girl I do not know) who was adopted and taken to live elsewhere.

My only problem with your message is the date of adoption - 1944 - since I know Evelyn (aka Nita) died in February 1942. Do you know your late fathers date of birth? Was he fostered before being adopted? Is it possible that your father was my cousin?

Please ring if you wish - 01274 492247

Reply posted on: 17/10/2005

From seton ros

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Town: bingley

I am looking for the last resting place of my aunt, Evelyn Oatley, aka Nita Ward, a Windmill dancer. She lived in London and I know that she had a child who was adopted but I do not know if it was a girl or boy. She died in 1942 but the child could have been in foster care before that. What was the date of birth of your father. Am I your fathers cousin. Ring if you wish, 01274 492247.