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i am looking for my sister who was born in a mother & baby home in chiswick,london. mothers name was VIOLET MARY COTTER/Smith father unknown. i think she was born in 1962 or as near as i ahve only found out that i had another sister 2 years ago - i have just found my other sister after 30 years of searching - to find this new sister would complete the family please help

Posted on: 31/03/2004 09:41:42

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Name: karen cummings

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Name: unknown cotter

Town: london

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From Debbie Lee

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You wont believe this i have been trying very hard to find you as well, what do I say i am your little sister Debbie born 15/8/62 daughter of violet I know I also have a older sister pamula and a brother barry, I have been looking in the area that you are living in but searching for the name smith, I will try and ring you hope you get this message soon, my number is 00-64-3-441-3067
ring me anytime

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I regret I cannot respond to your query re your missing sister. I hope you will not consider this an intrusion. My grandfather, Harry Cotter, was born in London (Chelsea) in 1898. He emigrated to Canada with most of his siblings in I believe 1903. I am a novice genealogist trying to find any information I can about Cotter descendants who remained behind. I am aware of two sisters- Nelly Rose. I would also very much like to find any info I can re his father, Henry Cotter, from Ireland and his mother, Sarah Shepherd, from England. Is it possible you are related to my Cotters or perhaps are aware of them through your search Any info or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Lisa Bianco

Reply posted on: 24/10/2005

From karen cummings

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hi lisa
i am sorry that i have not replied earlier but i have only just checked the messages i am not sure when you wrote. unfortunately i cant help you i have no information on the cotter family it was my mothers first marriage and not my father when she left my father she reverted back to her previous name all that i know is she was married to a dennis joseph cotter who died in north london in 1955 he was only 35 keep looking i did and it is surprising what you find out best of luck karen