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I am trying to trace Richard Arthur Cherry, who was a student at Leicester College of Advanced Technology during 1963 to 1964( now known as de Montfort University), who with myself was registered for an external London University Degree course. He used to live at 17 Hilders Road, Leicester, at that time. My name is John Kerruish

Posted on: 02/04/2004 23:41:02

Poster Information:

Name: John Kerruish

Looking For:

Name: Richard Arthur Cherry

Town: Leicester, England

Reply posted on: 04/08/2007

From Goth Ida

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Town: Baker, CA

Are you John Kerruish of Monksilvar?

Reply posted on: 06/08/2004

From John Kerruish

From John Kerruish
Hello, Richard Cherry has now been located in Dumfries in scotland, and I have spoken to him twice on the telephone, the first time we spoken in 40 years (1964 last), just in time to celebrate his 60th birthday next year !

Reply posted on: 24/04/2005

From renee xyz

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Are you the same John Kerruish from Liverpool who went to Warrington pre-dip? Renee.

Reply posted on: 08/03/2006

From John Eaton

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Would you be the John Kerruish who worked at Nathans costumiers, London in 1972?