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My father is called Geffrey lyndon christopher Ward born 24.12.1940.last known resident in Halifax .west yorkshire.I was adopted in sept 1975 and have no idea where my father is possibly he moved to the Portsmouth or Plymouth area .My adopted name was Walters I am trying to make contact with my dad without much success can any one help.please reply..Leslye

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Name: leslye greenbank

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Name: geoffrey ward

Born: 1940

Town: Portsmouth

Reply posted on: 14/05/2008

From Ruth Whitehouse

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Town: Nottingham

Hi there

I have come across the name Geoffrey Christoper Lyndon WARD while researching my family history. I think this may be the same person that you are looking for, his mother lived in Halifax.

My research is compiling all the descendants of a lady called Elizabeth Eastwood, who lived in Greetland near Halifax from 1823 to 1903. I am not closely related to Geoffrey Ward (he would be my Mums 3rd cousin, ie their grandparents were cousins) but I may be able to help. I have an address for him in 1988 in Wales.

Would be pleased to try and help or to hear from you.

Best wishes

Reply posted on: 28/08/2008

From leslye greenbank

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Town: Halifax

Just found your message.very keen to speak to you .I live in Elland and can be contacted by e mail or mobile tel 07859020151.
Thank you for answering my request i am still no nearer finding my Dad.