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finding my dad !

Hi iv been trying to find my real dad for years hes on my birth certificate but my mam says she changed my name but there is no record of that ! Also apperently there was a dna test done saying he wasnt my dad but hes still on my birth certificate, my mam wont tell me anything niether will my family and I dont know why, Id like to meet him and find out if he is actualy my dad Im 20 now and have 3 kids of my own and there missing out on having a grandad ! I could have brothers and sisters that dont know about me! I dont know how to find my dad so thought Id post on here hoping hes looking for me :) my mams names tracey by the way cmon dad who ever you are find me xx

Posted on: 28/08/2013 00:56:04

Poster Information:

Name: lindsey alott

Town: hull

Looking For:

Name: terrance alott

Born: 1964

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