Message Posted By: SHELAGH MURPHY

Trying to trace my good friend kristen whom i worked with at a childrens unit in west wickham.we lost touch in 1991 and i would dearly love to find her again. much has happened and would be good to catch up i miss her. thanks.

Posted on: 19/04/2004 10:31:41

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Reply posted on: 18/06/2004

From Kristen Louise McLeod

Born: 1960

Dear Shelagh
Isnt this amazing!! I am a great believer in the world provides - put it out there, and look what comes back. It was by pure fluke that I put MY name in search on MSN in UK and it ACTUALLY came up. And you are looking for me!! Please reply - the email address is work and I am there Mon to Fri. Home email is playing up so use my daughters (yes, LOTS to tell)
Lots of love
Kristen Louise :) now, across 2 suburbs in Klemzig.

Reply posted on: 28/07/2004

From Kristen Louise McLeod

Born: 1960

Dear Shelagh
Maybe you put the message out at one of those times we all have (girlfriend, weve all been there). It is no matter - but whenever you do get this, and I mean whenever - I am still here and you are in my thoughts. Love to K & D.
Love K