Message Posted By: Christine Pretty

Looking for a Charles Goodby, two children who must now be in their sixties(early), used to live in the Birmingham area. Mr. Goodby must be 91 years of age now

Posted on: 20/04/2004 18:30:15

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Name: Christine Pretty

Looking For:

Name: Charles Goodby

Town: Birmingham

Reply posted on: 27/05/2017 21:59:15

From Thomas Parry

Town: Birmingham

Hi Christine,

I have responded to your post and found a Charles James Goodby that was born on 25th April 1912 to Charles Bernard Goodby and his wife May. It is unfortunate for me then to tell you that he passed away in September 1981 in Lancashire, England.

I hope this information helps you. If you need any more information or research required please e-mail me on

Thomas Parry