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My son wants to find his father. Hi name is thomas james cullen the last time i heard he was living in leeds with a lady and had a daughter but that was about 10 yrs ago, he had 3 brothers,one was called patrick who was living with a turkish girl in east london called sue and also had a daughter. he came from southern ireland but i cannot remember the area. i would be gratefull for any information that any one might have regarding him. for my son who feels he needs to find his father.

Posted on: 21/04/2004 14:43:58

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Name: sandra manning

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Name: thomas james cullen

Town: leeds

Reply posted on: 31/05/2010

From tony cullen

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Town: cork

the only information i can give is cullens come from kilkenny @thomastown i am a cullen @ i also am looking for my mother i understand your need to know i am sorry i have no more information for you