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Looking for my dad

I am looking for my father William Kearns or relatives of his.

He was one of seven children apparently so I have aunties and uncles and possibly cousins that may still be living in the Bolton and Oldham areas of Lancashire.

My father was reported as having died in 1971 but so far I am unable to locate a death certificate for him, which puzzles me somewhat.

I am his only child that I am aware of. If you knew my father or know the whereabouts of his remaining family please make contact. I have two children which are now adults who would also love to meet members of their other family too.

My fathers father was called Frank and my grandmother was reported as being a person with sooth sayer abilities (medium) so Im hoping that someone will remember them because that is quite specific information; although they will be deceased.

My dad was very tall 6.6, lean and blonde with a studious manner about him. one of his sisters was called Margaret and a brother called Michael which I understand are also deceased.

Im not looking to make claims to anything, I just want to trace my roots and to have contact with my family.

I am 45 years old and was born in Thanet in Kent where my dad spent the early part of his adult years before he reportedly died somewhere up north.

Thank you for reading.

Posted on: 04/12/2013 13:53:28

Poster Information:

Name: Paula Westcar

Town: Newhaven

Looking For:

Name: William Kearns

Born: 1947

Reply posted on: 09/02/2017 02:28:18

From Kerry Humphreys

Town: Bangor

Hi Paula did your father William kearns have a middle name Crawford ?
Also was he born in Scotland ?