Message Posted By: Yan Zhi Tan

Seeking Helen Loh Hee Lan

Hi Helen, this is Tan Yan Zhi, your nephew here and Im writing from Singapore. I am writing this on behalf of my aunts(your sister) who are anxiously looking for you. I understand that you tried to contact them several times in 2012 but they thought it was a prank call until recently when they remembered about you. You are dearly missed by them and if you see this, please do reply me! You were known to them as Ah Lan and were born on 24 August 1954 to Tan Oh Chiang (Father) and Kang Ah Keow (Mother).

Posted on: 17/01/2014 07:31:13

Poster Information:

Name: Yan Zhi Tan

Town: Singapore

Looking For:

Name: Helen Hee Lan Loh

Born: 1954

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