Message Posted By: Alexandra Victoria Ferre

Im looking for my Dad, Paul Clarke, I think he is Devon but he used to live in Surrey. His mum is called Shirley Clarke and his step dad is called Tony Clarke. My names Alexandra Victoria Ferre and if anyone thinks they know where my Dad, Nan or Grandad is please e-mail me at Many thanks. Alex!

Posted on: 09/05/2004 13:14:44

Poster Information:

Name: Alexandra Victoria Ferre

Looking For:

Name: Paul Clarke

Town: Camberley

Reply posted on: 29/01/2014 00:22:09

From Sharon Clarke

Town: Lincoln

Hi, this sounds like my brother who I am also unable to find! Do you have a description of him ... Date of birth etc? If it is him, maybe we can piece some of the jigsaw together